Introduction The ToMo Cloud Management Platform Supported Routers


In the last decade, business and commercial routers requires at least one networking certified network support engineer to attend an individual network issue on the spot. Regardless geographical distance and traveling time, for those businesses relied on network and data communication more or less suffering from long network downtime until the issue resolved. Network downtime tolerance was about half a day per month pretty common in that time for average users.

Wireless routers or Access points are now very common devices that you can find in schools, offices, commercial buildings, public primises and open places. Imagine if you operate all these devices in all different places and require to perform daily maintenance, it will then be the most busy time that you ever have running up and down in different places.

With Cloud management technology, you do not need to worry about manage many routers anymore. Our wireless routers which feature cloud management can achieve long distance device management and maintenance in one place and one center location.

The ToMo Cloud Management Platform

ToMo cloud is our cloud management platform that provides extended remote management and managed network features to manage and monitor one or more routers remotely besides SSH login into the routers. The cloud management handles all the routers and the key features including:-

  • Device Management
  • Wi-Fi Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Location Management (GPS)

The Supported Products

These are the products support the ToMo Cloud management platform.

ComIn I3000

Dual-SIM Cellular Multi-port M2M Router

ComIn V7000

Dual-Core Dual-Band Vehicle Wireless Router